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Charles Emile Jacque (1813-1894)

The important Barbizon School artist, Charles-Émile Jacque, first became famous for his etchings, with which he made his exhibition debut at the Paris Salon of 1845. He continued to exhibit etchings alone at the Paris Salon until 1848, when for the first time he also exhibited a painting. His etchings won many medals at these exhibitions and in the important Exposition Universelle in 1899, his etchings were awarded the Grand Prize. He became known as a great painter, but according to Bénézit, it is for his etchings that he should be known as one of the great masters of French art. It is possible to distinguish two separate phases of his career as an etcher. During the first, which lasted until 1860, his etchings are marked by grace and charm, but after that date, perhaps under the influence of Millet, his manner became stronger, more vigorous, and more realistic. His later etchings, such as this one, are considered his most interesting and successful ones.

Charles Emile Jacque 1813-1894

Improvised Fishing
Signed in the plate, lower left
Plate size: 4¾ X 7¼ inches - Sheet size: Approximately 9 X 11 inches
Frame size: 16¼X 18¾ inches
Petit 287. A proof of the third state of five, before the changes to the head of the fisherman. Untrimmed sheet in excellent condition
FC99120   $975
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