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A Peasant Woman in the Fields
An Interior Scene
Beach Scene
Chez le Coiffeur
Studies of Sheep and Shepherds; A Flock of Sheep at a Gate
Studies of Sheep and a Shepherd
A plate from Coulisses, a series of humorous scenes of life in the theater
A plate from Coulisses, a series of humorous scenes of life in the theater
Les Deux Messieurs
Music Hall Actor & Actress
You Ask Me That?
Figure Study
Reclining Male Figure
Milking Time
The Day's Thirst
The Greatest Show on earth
Moving Day
A Mounted Policeman in the Park
The County Fair
Studies of People Wearing Hats & Caps
Mother and Child in an Interior
Sheep Shearing
Reclining Female Nude
Turkeys and Insects
A Couple From Arles
Feeding the Ducks
Farm Scene
Waterloo, 1941
Three Studies of a Man’s Head
Portrait of a Young Boy in Profile
White Atlantic Surf
A Chained Guard Dog
A Chained Guard Dog
A Circus Romance
A Woman Knitting
Young Man Leaning on a Tree
Woman at a Window
Les Grands Magazins
7 Heures Place de l’Opera
La Boxe à la Fourmi
The Association Polytechnique, Paris, A Drawing Class
Drawing Class at the Association Polytechnique, Paris
A Corn Plant
The Necklace
Plate I
Plate 5
Plate 6
Plate 2
Plate 8
Plate 7
Plate 4
Plate 3
Two Sisters
Beach Scene (Sullivan's Island)
Portrait of Emily
Beach Scene with Figures
After the Opera
Of course you remember it, Bryan. It’s the one the man upstairs hates so much.
Rauschenberg at the Musée d’ Art Moderne de Paris/ 10 Octobre – 10 Novembre 1968
Benin Woman
Portrait of a Man, Seated at a Table
Buying a Christmas Wreath
The Blessing
A Dream of Pan
A Mother & Child
Dancing for Joy
The Flower Market
The Departure
Stopping for a Visit
Flower Sellers
The Swimming Hole
Be My Valentine
A Man witha Yellow Straw Hat
At The Gate
Market Scene
Flower Market Richmond
The Last March
Richmond Market
Season's Greetings
Stopping for a Chat
The Companion
Le Disco.
Starlets at the Cannes Film Festival
Interior with Figures & a Window
Six Head Studies
A Gathering of Friends
L’Archer de Stymphale (Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds)
The Sewing Machine
Mother & Child
A Woman with a Mirror
An Allegory of Painting
An Allegory of Music
An Allegory of Architecture
An Allegory of Sculpture
A Village Street with Figures, Geese, and Ducks
The Owl with the Golden Eyes (Hibou Aux Yeux d’Or)
Regatta Day, Venice
Café Scene
A Man in a Café
 Study of Five Heads
The Laborer
A Time For Refelction
Petite Conversation
Culbuto I
Culbuto II
T. O. L. E. R. A. N. C. E. as installed at La Monnaie, Paris, Opening Night, 2007
L’Inattendu (The Unexpected)
La Danse des Culbutos
Demise of a Flowerpot
Still Life with Grapes and Apples
The Equestrian Statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius on the Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome
Interior with Standing Woman & Child
Horseback Riders in Central Park
Mother & Child
Study of the Head of a Child
Two Children, a Horse, a House
Kneeling Woman with a Child on the Beach
Campo delle Gatte, Venice
Gondolas in Venice
A Music Hall Dancer
Woman in a Chemise
A Woman Drawing
Women on a Bench in Moonlight, 1910
Seated Female Nude, Putting on her Slipper
The Gallant Soldier at Home
A Man with His Horse and Cart
A Study of Two Horses and the Figure of a Man
A Study of a Horse and Cart
Study of a Woman Wearing an Apron
Study of a Soldier
Head of a Young Woman in Profile
A Man with a Pipe and a Hat
Île de Croissy Seine
The Picker
Study of a Hand
Man with Apron, Rear View
A Woman at Moret
A Bearded Peddler with a Pack on His Back
A Man and a Woman Seated at a Café
A Man Smoking a Cigarette
The Peddler
A Man with His Hat Shoved Back
The Street Vendor
The Horse Cart
Woman Kneeling in Front of a Basket
Hand Tools
Man Carrying a Huge Basket, Rear View
Studying the Menu
Studies of Two Women Wearing Hats
A Seated Woman with Cane and Basket
At Gare St. Lazare III
A Woman With a Boy and a Hoop
At Gare St. Lazare I
The Flower Market at the Madeleine
A Cow at Santrouville
A Bersagliere (Italian Infantryman)
A Woman with a Hat and Tie
A Tradesman
Studies of a Woman in a Black Dress, Rear View
A Young Man in Red Wearing a Blue Cap
Devant Le Miroir (Before the Looking-Glass)
A Group of Soldiers, Sitting Outside the Barracks
Studies of Nurses Wearing Caps
Seated Soldier, Rear View
Soldiers Seated, Writing
Soldier Seated at a Desk, Writing
A Soldier Wearing a Cap & Coat
Studies of Soldiers' Heads
Soldiers at the Club
A Soldier in Bed; Study of a Soldier's Head
Studies of Two Soldiers
A Seated Woman, Knitting
Study of a WAAF
Man Wearing a Cap, Rear View
A WAAF Reading
Nurses at a Briefing
Portrait of a Young Man with a Moustache
In Bed, Writing a Letter
A Soldier Seated, Writing
A Soldier Wearing a Cap & Coat, Rear View
A Woman Knitting
A Standing Soldier Wearing a Cap, Rear View
A Soldier Smoking
Two Soldiers, Seated
Soldier with a Cap
The Haircut
Asleep With His Hands Between His Legs
Propped Up Asleep
A Study of Two Women's Heads
Taking a Nap
Asleep with a Book
Napping, Propped Up
Seated, Writing
Portrait of a Soldier
Seated, Wearing a Greatcoat
Seated Woman with a Large Hat
The Visit
La Coupe et Ie Compotier (The Goblet and the Fruit Dish)
Workers, Working and Resting
An Allegory of Pomona
Wash Day
Petite Marcheuse (The Flirt) (Arwas 361)
Incognito (Arwas 360)
Entrée de Scène (Stage Entrance)
Le Goûter (The Snack)
A Pair ofTurkeys
Fancy Chickens
Three Turkeys
Circus Sideshow
A Duck Swimming
A Caged Duck
A Summer's Day
Study of a Bull
A Young Boy Seated by the Sea
Figure Studies
Fashions from
Three Studies of a Young Woman
Portrait of a Young Man
Dressed for a Cruise
Young Woman Wearing a Red Hat
Douanier de la patache (The Barge Customs Officer)
Head of a Young Man in Profile
The Tennis Player
Life Study
Fishing in a Tub
Walking the Doll
Playing Horsey
Study of the Head of a Horse
The Barber
Chic on Board
Study of a Baby
Three Young Children in Blue and White
François Holding His Chin in His Hand
Young Girl Lying Down, Reading
Young Girl Lying Down, Reading, Her Arm Outstretched
Sleeping Infant
Reclining Male Figure, Facing Away
A Portrait of Francois Facing Right
A Young Woman in a Lavender Dress, Kneeling
A Blue-Eyed Baby
A Young Girl with Dolls and a Ribbon in Her Hair
Anesthétique (The Anesthetic)
The Photographer
Exposition d’etrennes    (The Display of New Years Gifts)
Artist & Model
The Cynical Husband
A Meeting of the Artists Union
Two Nude Couples
Seated Dancer; Study of a Dancer’s Head
Repose - (Dancers & Chairs)
Female Nude, Looking to the Right
Café Portrait
Unemployed - A Meeting of Artists
Female Nude with Crossed Arms
Seated Draped Female Nude
Two Studies of a Woman's Head
Study of a Woman's Head
Artist and Model
Reclining Female Nude
Two Female Nudes Sitting on a Bed
David Playing Chess with a Friend
Seated, Draped Female Nude
A Couple
A Study of Two Male Nudes
 Ida in a European Park
Friends II
Seated Female Nude with Stockings
The Discussion
A Breath of Fresh Air
People on the Crossing I
Standing Female Nude
Friends I
Seated Female Nude; Head of a Sleeping Woman
Study of a Male Dancer (Merce Cunningham?)
Female Nude, Holding a Towel
Reclining Female Nude
Seated Female Nude
Out of Work
An Artists' Meeting
David, Sick and Home From School
Seated Female Nude leaning on a Flowered Cushion
People on the Crossing II

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